Dress Code

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Since school is a place of business and learning, students are expected to dress appropriately, modestly and in good taste.  It is the moral obligation of all students to maintain their personal appearance in a manner that reflects well on themselves and on the school.  As spring and the warmer weather approaches please remind your child about the school dress code.

Proper school attire should not be revealing, lewd or so extreme as to create a disturbance to the educational environment.  Any type of clothing that does is not acceptable.  Please note the following guidelines:

Students shall be responsible for maintaining pants, skirts and or shorts in an appropriate manner as observed in a professional business environment.  All clothing should be secured at waist level and may not fall below the waist to such a degree that a student’s posterior or underwear is shown in any manner.

Head coverings, except for religious purposes, for both males and females, are not permitted.   

Halter-tops, tank tops and tube tops are not permitted unless worn with a covering shirt or jacket.  Tops must extend to the waist and meet the waistband of pants, skirts or shorts. 
Shoulders and backs should not be bare. 

Shorts and skirts must extend to the length of one’s fingertips when standing straight up.
Mini-skirts or short-shorts may not be worn. 

Slogans or pictures that are obscene or deemed inappropriate by school officials cannot appear on clothing. 

Students who arrive to school dressed inappropriately will have their parents contacted, will not be permitted to attend classes, and will be required to change into more appropriate attire. 

Students who repeatedly disregard the dress code will face more severe disciplinary action as afforded by the NYC Department of Education Discipline Code.