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American Poetry II

What we are aiming for:

1. That you can describe the form ...
2. Understanding the meaning ...
3. Report on the context ....

... of a series of American Poems

Project 1

- in group select 3-4 poems
- research for form, meaning and context
- select one poem and develop a 2-3 minute presentation with all group members participating

Project 2
(a repeat of Project 1 but with a different set of poems)

The Alternate 
(for those who for some reason cannot or did not present)

Write a brief composition of at least three paragraphs detailing the form, meaning, and context of one of the poems. 

Due the following class.

Exit Essay

Individually, please use the two poems that you have researched or another approved poem.

You will be writing a 5-7 paragraph essay detailing a common controlling element found in both of your poems.

The controlling element should be based in context, form and/or meaning. This essay is due by Tuesday May 27 or Wednesday May 28th depending on when your class first meets.