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Crucible Exit Essay * Is Justice Served ?

Your exit assignment is to use one of the questions listed to the right and create an essay in your best possible English of no less than 6 no more than 8 paragraphs answering the question to the best of your ability.

The essay should contain quotes from The Crucible (see copy below) and/or references to the "Rod's"  Story.

As an alternate, students may choose to pick a character from the Crucible, and describe the Salem trials through the character's point of view. Students choosing this alternative are encouraged to make use of the quotes covered in the class presentations.

In all cases students are expected to select their question, outline and draft their response in the note-book and finish with an in-class rewrite on loose-leaf.

JK Rowlings Outline for Harry Potter from Mail On-Line, TARA BRADY, May 19, 2013

Class generated questions - use one of these or get approval for one of your own.

How can we use justice to connect "Rod's" story to The Crucible ?

Does the concept of justice connect Rod to John P in The Crucible ?

Was Justice better served in the Crucible or in "Rod's" story?

How can we use justice to connect the "Rod's" story of Rod to The Crucible ?

Use justice to connect Rod to the Crucible.

Is there justice in the Crucible?

Compare the “Rod” story to the Crucible.

How does the “Rod” story connect to the Crucible ?

Which story has more evidence, “Rod” or the Crucible?

Sample I 123 ... C Outline Format

I-ntroduction    ---> Topic / Define Terms / Display Plan
1,2,3 ... (4,5,6)    ---> Body Paragraphs following your plan

C-onclusion      ---> Ties it all together ... restates the Intro ... repeats your answer/opinion and adds a clincher - Something to remember you by.

note: As you add body paragraphs you need to increase the number(s) in your outline and add to the plan. Each step in the Introduction makes at least one body paragraph.

Is jogging in the rain a good idea ?

I * I think jogging in the rain is a bad idea.

1. Jogging is the sport of running at a medium speed

2. Rain can make the road slippery

3. Jogging in the rain can make you fall

1. Many people jog and sometimes they ….
  • In the street
  • In a gym
  • Is good for the heart
2. Rain makes the road slippery
  • Water give no traction
  • You can slip
  • Might break a leg

3. You could get hurt

  • Bystanders can get hurt

  • You might get sued

  • You could get hit by a car

C. Jogging in the rain is bad. Many people jog but if its raining you should do it in a gym. If you jog on slippery roads you might fall. If you fall you can injure yourself, others and might end up in a hospital. So if you jog in the rain you are asking for trouble. -- Don’t do it!

William Malin,
Oct 16, 2014, 12:24 PM