January Lessons 1-6

Regents Review (all)

Listening Section - Note Taking
Reading Selections - Comprehension
Multiple Choice Technique
Controlling Idea
Critical Lens Essay Help Sheets

Practice Exams (1-4)

Multicultural Reading Unit (1-4)

Great Gatsby (AP only)
Lesson 1
Set up and Review Multicultural Reading Project
AP - Geography of Gatsby
Introduce Essay Help Sheets

Lesson 2
Continue Essay Help Sheets (w Computers)
Break into Group Discussions on Multicultural Reading Project
AP - Social Concepts in Jazz Age America
Reading Comprehension 

Lesson 3
Listening Section Practice
Group Plan on Jigsawing
AP - Characters in Gatsby
AP - Literary Terms Vocabulary

Lesson 4
Controlling Idea Practice
Jigsaw Presentations 
AP - Group Work on Character Motivations
AP - Vocabulary Quiz

Lesson 5
Essay Review * Portfolio
Review Essay Technique 

Lesson 6
Practice Essay with/without Help Sheet


 Section 2 3 4 X
 Lesson 1 X X X X X
 Lesson 2 X X X X X
 Lesson 3 X X X X na
 Help Sheet Model X X X X
ELA Vocabulary X X     X X
   Listening X X X X NA
Comprehension X X X X X
 Controlling Idea X X X X X
 Reading 1 X X X X NA
 Controlling Idea X X X X X
 Help Sheet 1-5 X X X X X
 Help Sheet 6-10 X X XND X
 Multicultural Check X X X ND NA