Week of 11/12/2013

The Goal in this short week was to continue 1776, table set for Fences, complete first phase of the Biography segment and continue to norm class with the Near Perfect Notes segments
Near Perfect Notes
1776 Resolve and Debate
1776 Forming the Committee
1776 '70's Issues
Fences Vocabulary

Near Perfect Notes
    Cornell Notes
    College Notes
    Pre-Notes & Summary

Resolve and Debate
    Congressional Process
    Resolve/Bill, Debate/Postpone, Call/Vote

Forming the Committee
    Why the five representatives?
    Why Jefferson?
    Looking at the map

'70's Issues/Values
    Sexual Revolution -- "He Plays the Violin"
    Anti-War Movement -- "Momma, Look Sharp"
    Civil Rights Movement -- "Black Birds"

Fence Vocabulary Quiz
    see: Vocabulary

    Phase I - Collect Sources
    Students will collect three sources
    Some students will use CARS to evaluate sources
    Students may use their research to complete Assignment 4