Week of 11-18-2013

Unit    1776

    1. Nearly Perfect Notes
    2. Thematic Essay
    3. Preamble and Declaration (2,3,AP)
    4. Bibliography 
    5. Biography II
    6, MOSL Review (AP only)
    7. Three Key Points from the 1776
            a. Military
            b. The "Swing States"
            c. Slavery

Nearly Perfect Notes

Compare existing note structure to a varied style of notetaking. Cornell Notes, Collegiate Notes, Teacher Models

Develop a list of "Good" note features

Select a sample of their notes that have these features

Student Artifacts: Section on Perfect Notes in Notebook, Three sample pages for portfolio

Key Ideas/Questions:
    1. Why take notes?
    2. How can I improve my notes?
    3. What is the main/controlling idea of my notes

Segment Features:

    Collaborative Group Work: Generating Common List, Share and Compare, Defense
    Differentiation: Student Notes Selection
    Self Assessment: Summary, Defense, Positive Comments 

Thematic Essay

Using the June 2011 US History Thematic Essay as an alternative to the Biography Project.
Due: Week of December 2, 2013

Preamble vs Declaration

Document Study - a comparison of the objects of the two documents
(Already completed in ICT sections)


Students will use a modified version of MLA bibliography entry to compile a list of books they have read both in school and for pleasure.
AP Students will use their Summer Project to create a sample bibliography

Biography II

Students will complete there Biographies or Thematic Essays due: week of December 2, 2013