Week of 12/2/2013

"Look Sharp", "The Egg", "Black Birds" (X,2,3 (Bill))

Teach Your Fellow Man - Bill of Rights (2,3 (Bill))

Exit Competency (1,4 (Rob and Bill), 2,3,X(Bill))

Anticipation Guide (1,4, (Rob) 3 (Bill))

Read-A-Loud (1,4 Rob and Bill),3 (Bill))

Negro Leagues (1,4 Rob and Bill),3 (Bill))

AP Vocabulary (X)

Sections and Teach Teaching Roles in ()

Techniques used

    Teach Your Fellow Man Jigsaw
        Students will read a variety of documents
        Take Notes on what they believe is important to teach about them
        Circulate, instruct and be instructed by their fellow student who have a     
        different text
        Students then compose one paragraph on what they learned, 1 paragraph 
        on what they taught

    Anticipation Guide    
        Students will use the Fences Anticipation Guide to stimulate group           
        Group Share out key concepts and develop board notes

    AP Vocabulary
        Patterned vocabulary words from a variety of sources quizzed and 
        distributed (next weeks) on Tuesdays. 
William Malin,
Dec 3, 2013, 3:47 PM
William Malin,
Dec 3, 2013, 4:01 PM