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Essay, Composition and Projects

The essay and composition page reflects possible assignments and assessments used in a variety of English 11 units. It is not meant to be a checklist or an inclusive accounting of the work, rather it reflects the range of possible works that may be included in the portfolio. Student folders typically include a greater selection of materials.
AP Summer Portfolio
Pre-writing Sample: Good Night and Good Luck
The Crucible Essay
Composition  * MOSL AP Only
1776 Biography Report or Thematic Essay
Presentation: 2 Minute Presentation from Fences
Critical Lens Essay Sample
Controlling Idea / Literary Elements Essay Sample(s) * 
Optional Essay or Extra Credit Reports
Great Gatsby Rewrite
Ethan Frome Rewrite
Reflection Writing - Rewrite from the Multicultural Unit
Point/Counter Point Essay from Multicultural Unit
AP Essay Samples : Synthesis, Argumentative, Analytical  

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