April 7th - April 11th

AP Exam looms - Students shift into high gear in both AP Prep and Hamlet. Lear is cut short, largely due to last week's field trip. Hamlet will overrun past the vacation in 3 of 4 sections - additional segments applied. Deep reading was preformed with the 3rd Soliloquy and the station lesson when well but written results are disappointing.
Section 2 3 4 X
 Lesson 1 xxxxx
 Lesson 2 xxxxx
 Lesson 3  xxxxx
 Lesson 4nanananana
 Lesson 5na nananana 
 Lesson 6nanananana 
AP Vocabularyna     na   na   na   x
AP Synthesis 
nana  na na3/4
SAT/ Shakespeare
Regents Review xxxxNA
Face to Face xx1/2x1/3
Controlling Idea 2x

Exit Examxxxxx
Point/ Counter Point. nananana done
Selling It 2ND x ND x
Synthesis Essaynananana1/2
Hamlet 4 x x x xna
Hamlet 51/21/21/21/2na
Hamlet 6
Hamlet 71/21/21/21/2na
Hamlet 8 x
Hamlet 9    na
Lear 6nanana na x
Lear 7na na na na skip
Exit Comp


Exit Comp (s)
Suspicion I rewrites
Tagging It writes
Spring Break Work
Freytaging it
Teacher Observation


King Lear 6 / Hamlet  4, 5, 6,7,8,9
High gear lessons exploring the different literary devices - in particular the soliloquy and the use of supporting characters. Discussion on sub-plots and plot twists and student complied vocabulary.                       

4.  Tagging it!
Station lesson using 3rd Soliloquy and 10     categories. Students scope down to 3, link     them to the play and describe in their own     words

Explain the lines

Option 1

Select 5 “tags” and write 2-3 sentences each

Option 2

Select 3 “tags” and write 3-5 sentences each

Option 3

Select 2 “tags” and write 1 Paragraph each.


Next for 3 for your selections

Tell why it fits your category ( earns C )


Rewrite in your own words (two earnsB)


Fit to the play (all three earns A)

3-5 sentences each.

5. The Soliloquy
    Define Soliloquy - Move on to station            exercise, Intro to Act III
    Inciting Element, 
    Rising Action 

6. Suspicion I

We answered the questions:

Who are the major players?

What are the basic sub-plots?

What is a play with-in a play?

We defined “Whore, Arras, Suspicion ,

Sting and Spying”

We reviewed “The Ghost”, Ophelia and

Laertes, Polonius’ Death

7. -  To be or Not to be II. Diagramming Act III the steps leading to it. Is this the crisis - if not where ? Portfolio and essay review

8. Suspicion II

How to find out if our suspicions are true

Is Hamlet “mad” in love with Ophelia?

Does Hamlet know more than Claudius would like?

Is his uncle really a murderer?

        Planning on plotting

            The Arras

            The Play within a Play 

            What are friends for?

9. Play with in the Play 
Oh how the world changes...in just one Act

1. Watch how Ophelia has her heart twisted
    Get thee to a nunnery!
2. Check out the Face of the King
    Blenched Visage in deed
3. They stab spies don't they?
    (Polonius in the Arras)
4. Hamlet's little trip to England with friends.
    (Why Rosencrantz and Guilderstern should have stayed in bed)


6 Freytaging Lear
    a. Review Freytag's Pyramid
    b. Group work on filling out the pyramid for Lear
    c. Individual work on explaining the main idea/theme

Exit Comp working on Rhetorical Essay using Lear as a base.

Synthesis Essay Part II * Writing a sample essay

Draft of their sample essay. Group will share and compare points and features. Students will use visual samples to helps in the review. General review of exam and essay questions. 

Next Units
    American Poetry II (Mid to Late April)
    Great Gatsby (either May or June)
    Regents Review (Late May)

Selected Texts


King Lear


Multi-Cultural Study
    Exit Comp

Exam Review   
    Face to Face
    Questions 26 & 28 on Exit Comp

    Point/Counter Point - Citing Sources

    Argumentative Essay Review
    Synthesis Essay

US/Global History Links

    Where does Hamlet come from?    
    Geography of Elsinore (Helsingor)
    Education in the Renaissance
    Parts of a castle
    Add rewrite of at least one reflection
    AP * also add sample journal from Frome