Weeks of Sept 1 - Sept 9

The purpose of the first two weeks is to introduce topics and concepts and assess abilities and needs for all sections. The assessment period consists of three major components: Group Work, Task Completion and Written Submission. As of 9/10 we are 1/2 of the way complete. With respect to collaborative teaching Robert, Teressa and Bill are meeting on Tuesdays Period 3 to organize and design both ICT and ELL components. Segments taught or generated by the push-in teachers are labeled but are conducted primarily in Sections 1 &2 but maybe included in the other segments. The AP section for Marking Period 1 parallels the other sections but delves deeper and also incorporates 
Section 2 3 4 X
 Lesson 1 R6R1R7R3F7
 Lesson 2 F6F1M1F3M7
 Lesson 3 M6T1T2M3T7
 Lesson 4 T6W1W6W3W7
 Lesson 5 R6 R1 R7 R3 F7
 Lesson 6 F6 F1 M1 F3 M7
 The States1/21/2 1/21/21/2
American Poetry (Colonial)1/21/21/2x 1/2
Vocabulary: The Crucible

Nature of C,S,C     
Witch Hunt1/2d


Portfolio 1 * 
   Students will be adding their signed FAQ Sheets.
    AP Students will be adding their Summer Projects
    * Non-AP Folders will wait till classes are well             established

Group Work (formative/Collaborative)
    States, Vocabulary

Home works
    Poetry Reads, Salem Witch Trials, States Rewrite

Vocabulary Quizzes (Summative)
    The States
    The Crucible 1
    The Crucible 2

Teacher Observation


        Witch Hunt 

Portfolio Creation

AP Class
        Summer Project Review

Nature of Communism, Socialism and Capitalism (Robert)
Materials All Segments

"On coming to America from Africa"
"This Old House"
"... Burning of Our House"
"Salem Witch Trials"
Miller, Arthur. The Cruicible 
Book Cards and Labels
Folders and Labels

Next Units

    The Crucible
    Good Night and Good Luck
    Types of Political Systems

Selected Texts

The Crucible, Phillis Wheatley, Anne Bradstreet




US/Global History 

Non-Fiction Reading


The Crucible

Good Night and Good Luck
William Malin,
Sep 10, 2014, 3:16 PM
William Malin,
Sep 10, 2014, 3:16 PM