Week of Sept 29 & Oct 6

Portfolio is postponed in all classes due to lack of student interns assigned (hopefully students we will have students by next week to file). Three key scenes is reduced to two key scenes as part of "Making a Written Image". Exit competency will wither be a formal exam or a fill-in Freytag's Pyramid depending on results of Tuesday's meeting. Please note: Master Vocabulary Exel File is posted for the bulk of the Fall Term. Some SAT segments not yet added pending conversation. Freytag Resolve and Miller purpose is an alternate to GN/GL. 
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 Lesson 1 M6T1T2M3T7
 Lesson 2 T6W1W6W3W7
 Lesson 3 R6R1 R7 R3 F7
 Lesson 4 F6 F1 M1 F3 M7
 Lesson 5 M6T1 T2 M3 T7 
 Lesson 6 T6 W1 W6 W3 W7
Hell Hath No Furyxxxxx
Research 1 xxxxx
Vocabulary 17761/21/21/23/41/2
GN/GL na nana   
Class Room Skills
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Making a written image
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 Summer Project nananana 
Essay Builder 1

Freytag - Complications     
 Reading the Crisis     
 Freytag Resolve and Miller's Purpose     

Assessments Details

Portfolio 1 * Postponed
   Students will be adding their signed FAQ Sheets.
    AP Students will be adding their Summer Projects
    * Non-AP Folders will wait till classes are well             established

Group Work (Formative/Collaborative)
    Vocabulary, Text  Explorer, Hell Hath ... , Making a written image ...

Home works
   Salem Witch Trials, Hell Hath.. , Making a written language ... 
    Rewrite or Book Explorer

Vocabulary Quizzes (Summative)
    The Crucible 
    Next Week 1776

Exit Competency
    The Crucible 2

Teacher Observation


Making a written image ...
    Deep Read pp 14-20 & pp 40-48; 
    Make a list of the characters and any notable quotes.
    In Group:
        Pick a character 
        Who is important to you or the action / plot.
        Find a quote(s) that tell us why they are important to that action.   
        Describe the quote on the big paper.
        Describe 3 parts of the character’s personality (character traits)

Freytag Development * Roll of the complication. A short sequence of events learned in  Making a written image  and Hell Hath No Fury.
Freytag Crisis & Resolve * Selecting a High Point * Miller's Purpose (unfinished at this point)

Two Key Scenes (see Making a written image)Students will find in groups the locations and explanations on why three scenes are important to the play. Each Group will be given advance warning of at least 1 lesson. Students will then dig into the drama

Reading the Crisis
This is a read aloud segment. Teachers can model with a read-aloud-think aloud or straight drama. Students will read  dramatically selections from ACT III pp 112-120 and ACT IV pp 121-128, 129-137, 137-145. Scenes can be paraphrased or extended depending on the acceptance of the class. Students need to take notes on all four selections. Typically 10-15 minutes for in-group reading and 20-40 minutes to present. Selections can be sub-divided to match group sizes. Segment may take more than 1 but should take no more than 2 lessons. Follow with Freytag.

Hell Hath No Fury / Boots
Enrichment and alternate to complications.
Students explore the Congreve Quote and apply to a deep read/text search to Abigail Williams in the Crucible. Groups find quotes, double entry notebook is possible. Student feed back lead to Freytag complications. 

Vocabulary 1776 Students select 30 vocabulary words from 1776 List (see Vocabulary Hunt)

Essay Builder 1 Students take two of the free-writes from September with a common theme and either combine two of them into three paragraphs or rewrite both into 2 paragraphs each. Work to be down first in the notebook and later on loose-leaf in best possible English to be handed in. Ideally assigned when there is a two lesson break.

Research 1 Intro to Documentation At different points through a series of segments, students are introduced to parts of bibliography and the vocabulary needed. Works well with Double Entry Notebooks. (Author/Creator. "Sub-Title", Title. Publication Information. reference point

GN/GL (3-5 lesson segments)
After the 2 minute presentations students will watch GN/GL complications, high point and resolve. Students will diagram the plot structure. 

Portfolio Creation (1 - aide, 1- class segment) The student aides/interns will create and file in cabinet folders for all students. Corrected work will be placed in the folders and student access sample will begin around 9/20-24.

AP Class (1 segment) Summer Project Extension

Research 1 (2-4 segments) Students will research in group a series of topics related to GN/GL and the Crucible. Groups will do a 2-minute presentation starting in the following class.

Materials All Segments

"Salem Witch Trials"
CS&C handouts
2 minute presentation sheets
Miller, Arthur. The Crucible 
Freytag's Graphic Organizer
Book Cards and Labels
Folders and Labels
Large Paper and Markers

Selected Texts

The Crucible, GN/GL


    Quiz, Freewrite, Essay Builders, Group Responses

    Running List

US/Global History 
    Early Television
Non-Fiction Reading
    Salem Witch Trials

    Parts of a play
    Stage Direction

The Crucible

Good Night and Good Luck
Research Project 1

Essay Builders

Class Room Skills (section 1 & 2)

SAT Prep