Weeks of Oct 13th & 20th

The emphasis this week is on completing the respective units, processing a variety of exams and beginning MP1 final assessment
Section 2 3 4 X
 Lesson 1 M6T1T2M3T7
 Lesson 2 T6W1W6W3W7
 Lesson 3 R6R1 R7 R3 F7
 Lesson 4 F6 F1 M1 F3 M7
 Lesson 5 M6T1 T2 M3 T7 
 Lesson 6 T6 W1 W6 W3 W7
Document Studyxx

Research 2 * Founding Peoples

Essay Builderxxxxx
Vocabulary Quiz 1776xxnana
GN/GL 2 na nana   
Exit Compxxx


Standard Testing x  
 Freytag Resolve and Miller's Purposexx

Assessments Details

Portfolio 1
   Students will be adding their signed FAQ Sheets.
    AP Students will be adding their Summer Projects
    * Non-AP Folders will wait till classes are well  established
    Vocabulary Quizzes
    Exit Comp Essays 

Group Work (Formative/Collaborative)
    Vocabulary, Text  Explorer, Document Study

Vocabulary Quizzes (Summative)

Exit Competency
    The Crucible
    The Crucible/GNGL

Teacher Observation


Uncle John's Band * Using Youtube Video of the Grateful Dead's song Uncle John's Band students will take notes on Proper Nouns and key connections. Note the video is of poor quality to allow students to concentrate of the words. Lyrics will be provided as well as links to the Annotated Dead
Freytag Crisis & Resolve * Selecting a High Point * Miller's Purpose
Students will use definitions of Protagonist and Antagonist to determine the problem and the crisis. A graphic organizer is provided

Vocabulary 1776 Quiz Students select 30 vocabulary words from 1776 List (see Vocabulary Hunt)

Essay Builder 1 Students take two of the free-writes from September with a common theme and either combine two of them into three paragraphs or rewrite both into 2 paragraphs each. Work to be down first in the notebook and later on loose-leaf in best possible English to be handed in. Ideally assigned when there is a two lesson break.

Document Study Students will Jigsaw/Teach your fellowman a selection of documents related to the early days of the United States. Lesson is in contemporaneous with 1776

1776  (See Unit 1776 for detailed description). Students will watch 1776 and explore the meanings and implications of the songs and characters. Students will select character connected/related to the genre and create 2-3 minute presentations in groups of 3.  

Research 1 Intro to Documentation At different points through a series of segments, students are introduced to parts of bibliography and the vocabulary needed. Works well with Double Entry Notebooks. (Author/Creator. "Sub-Title", Title. Publication Information. reference point

GN/GL (3-5 lesson segments)
After the 2 minute presentations students will watch GN/GL complications, high point and resolve. Students will diagram the plot structure. 

    Rapid Video Note Taking
    Developing Research Project 1
    Use the Summer Project as documentation model

AP Class (1 segment) Summer Project Extension

Research 1 (2-4 segments) Students will research in group a series of topics related to GN/GL and the Crucible. Groups will do a 2-minute presentation starting in the following class.

Portfolio Creation (1 - aide, 1- class segment) The student aides/interns will create and file in cabinet folders for all students. Corrected work will be placed in the folders and student access sample will begin around 9/20-24.

Materials All Segments

"Salem Witch Trials"
CS&C handouts
2 minute presentation sheets
Miller, Arthur. The Crucible 
Freytag's Graphic Organizer
Book Cards and Labels
Folders and Labels
Large Paper and Markers

Selected Texts

The Crucible, GN/GL, 1776


    Quiz, Freewrites, Essay Builders, Exit Comp

    Running List

US/Global History 
   Early Television   
Non-Fiction Reading

Good Night and Good Luck

Research Project 1 /2

Essay Builders

Regents Prep

SAT Prep