Weeks of Sept 15 & Sept 23

These two weeks will start the meat of the course. Currently sections 2 and 3 are off pace and need to be brought froward. Section 1 may have to be paced with section 2 to allow Teressa 1 prep for both. GN/GL might be postponed till Week of Sept 29. We'll substitute Character Lists & Freytag. All sections are running. Section 2 is one lesson off pace - have slowed down 1,3,4 to accommodate. AP seems stable - will start GN/GL with them on Weds 9/24. Sections have unique character and different cultures. Section 2 has a large number of absentee students - esp from the ICT population and has three teacher - two who are new to the program. Section 1 is also an ICT section - but the 
Section 2 3 4 X
 Lesson 1 M6T1T2M3T7
 Lesson 2 T6W1W6W3W7
 Lesson 3 R6R1 R7 R3 F7
 Lesson 4 F6 F1 M1 F3 M7
 Lesson 5 M6T1 T2 M3 T7 
 Lesson 6 T6 W1 W6 W3 W7
 Reading Schedulex x x x
 Vocabulary The Cruciblex xxxx
Vocabulary Quiz x x   
Witch Huntxxxxx
 Freytaging It1/2 1/2 
Class Room Skills
x x nana
Research 1

 Summer Project nananana 
 Book Distribution x
 Deep Readx x

Assessments Details

Portfolio 1 * 
   Students will be adding their signed FAQ Sheets.
    AP Students will be adding their Summer Projects
    * Non-AP Folders will wait till classes are well             established

Group Work (formative/Collaborative)
    Vocabulary, Text  Explorer, Research 1

Home works
   Salem Witch Trials, GN/GL, Research 1 rewrite or Book Explorer rewrite

Vocabulary Quizzes (Summative)
    The Crucible 1
    The Crucible 2

Teacher Observation


    Each class will work with the Crucible Vocabulary selecting their words in a collaborative group segment. The "refined" list will be print in class with a standard quiz two lessons following. Quiz follows the scoping concept wherein students choose a limited selection of words from a larger list.

Portfolio Creation (1 - aide, 1- class segment)
    The student aides will create and file in cabinet folders for all students. Corrected work will be placed in the folders and student access sample will begin around 9/20-24.

AP Class (1 segment)
        Summer Project Extension

Research 1 (2-4 segments)
        Students will research in group a series of topics related to GN/GL and the Crucible. Groups will do a 2-minute presentation starting in the following class.

Nature of Communism, Socialism and Capitalism (Robert) (1 segment)

Introduction to the Crucible (2 segments)
       Apon distribution students will be allowed 7 minute exploration. A freewrite will follow with share and compare.

GN/GL (3-5 lesson segments)
    After the 2 minute presentations students will watch GN/GL complications, high point and resolve. Students will diagram the plot structure. 
Class Room Skills
    A review of basic class room skills including but not limited to Note-Taking, Participation, Home Work and Deportment.  

Research 1

All Sections * Students will group

Deep Reading Tech 

    Students will practice 5-10 minutes of deep reading. Initial segments will be interrupted every 2 or so minutes to prompt students into taking notes on such topics as: Questions, Vocabulary  and character lists. May end in Freewrite but is better as a share. Should lead to class discussions. Makes an excellent means of recording teacher observations.

Materials All Segments

"Salem Witch Trials"
CS&C handouts
2 minute presentation sheets

Miller, Arthur. The Crucible 
Freytag's Graphic Organizer
Book Cards and Labels
Folders and Labels

Procedures/Techs/Strats (see new page under scope and sequence)

Selected Texts

The Crucible, Phillis Wheatley, Anne Bradstreet


    Quiz, Freewrite, Essay Builders

    Running List

US/Global History 
    Capitalism, Communism & Socialism
    What is a witch?

Non-Fiction Reading
    Salem Witch Trials

    Parts of a play
    Stage Direction

The Crucible

Good Night and Good Luck
Research Project 1

Class Room Skills (section 1 & 2)

SAT Prep

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