February 24- March 7

This week mark the start of the long March. It is an excellent opportunity to establish patterns and regular homework collection and portfolio return. Hopefully we are past the poor weather and will have a solid month of continuous lessons.
Section 2 3 4 X
 Lesson 1 xx    xxx
 Lesson 2 xxxxx
 Lesson 3 x         
 Lesson 4  x  x
 Lesson 5     
 Lesson 6     
Ethan Frome nana nana
AP Vocabulary nana    nanax

Regents Review

Composition    1 1 
Controlling Idea 2x??x
Reflection 2xxx?x
Reflection 3
Reflection 4

Point/ Counter Point.     
 Selling It 2     
 Exit Comp     
Immigration Reading / AP Language Reading



Reflection Writing in the Notebook
Journal Write (ap)
Reflection Rewrite (Portfolio)
Exit Comp (s)
Vocabulary Quizzes
Group Work
2 Minute Presentations
Sample Notes
Teacher Observation


Ethan Frome
AP Class * Review of the Major concepts and elements in Ethan Frome; Reflection Writing * What might attract a Teen Ager to Frome / What would turn off a Teen-Ager to Frome and Journal Review  from Vacation Assignment

Multicultural Unit
Repeats stages from last two weeks, but with new Novel Sets; Unit Exit give choice between Essay or Multiple Choice Exams on both books.

Reflection #3 * Freewrite on Mid-Winter Reading
Group Share; regroup students by book;  fill out Selling it Sheet(s) with Key Ideas/Concepts;  Random/Select person to describe and "sell students" on their book using Point/Counter Point
Reflection # 4 * Process Writing

Immigration Reading (enrichment/non-fiction) Students will read and group investigate two college level passages that infer Immigration;  Vocabulary * Suggested Roles: Vocabulary Developer, Vocabulary Researcher, Question  Designer.


Students will combine their reflections and other sources into creating an  open ended composition over the course of two lessons with 1 week-end or three day space for final copy. Students are to use one or both winter reading books, the poems from class and the multicultural vocabulary from class and readings.

Exit Comp
Student will have choice between Multiple Choice questions on two of the novels or a critical    lens essay using both novels. Both exams will include a controlling idea segment patterned on old English Regents. AP students will have similar comparative essay using point and counter point

Next Units
AP * Lear
Gen Ed * Hamlet
American Poetry II

Note: Due to the snow and short week - some students maybe working on segments from last week.

Selected Texts

Bodega Dreams


Multi-Cultural Study
    Reflection 3
    Selling it 2
    Immigration Readings
    Reflection 4 
    Poetry and Lyrics

Exam Review   

    Questions 26 & 28 on Exit Comp
    Point/Counter Point
    Prep Readings I & II
    Computer Explorer

US History Links
    Immigration Ladder
    Symbols and Motiffs
    What makes a great novel
    Would you read this book

    Add rewrite of at least one reflection
    AP * also add sample journal from Frome