June 2 - June 16

AP Class dragged a bit on the poetry presentations and failed to complete the unit by 2 lessons. We switched to the less complicated movie The Producers although I gave serious thought to using Blazing Saddles. Students in the section 1b-3 are finishing Gatsby. Section 4 is one lesson ahead giving some leeway in completing the course, but will not be participating in the Research Paper. Note: Last week the AP students voted on using Great Gatsby for their research project. It fits as they have already read the material in February and due to scheduling only have five lessons left in the term.
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Reg Prep Listening

Reg Prep Comprehension

Reg Prep 26,27     
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Regents Prep/


Exit Comp Essays
Teacher Observation
Research Paper


Next Units
   Portfolio Review
   Graduation to 12th Grade

    Continuing Gatsby Lessons with a tie-in to the Research Building Unit

Segment 1 * Introduction
    Why read the Great Gatsby?
Segment 2 * Characters
    Who is the protagonist in the story ? How do the characters relate to Daisy?
Segment 3 * Related Themes
    Technology, Music, Roaring Twenties, American in Isolation, Geography, Wall Street, Class-ism, Social Issues
Segment 4 * Symbolism
    Water, Names, Locations, Light, Speed, Alcohol, T,J, Eckleburg 
Segment 5 * Plot Devices
    Flashback, Narration, Imagery, Setting, Characterization, Metaphor, Symbolism
Segment 6 * Technologies
    Telephone, Aeroplane, Automobile, Cinema, Air Conditioning, Record Player, Valley of Ashes (heating/garbage)
Segment 7 * Unique Twists
    Why do we read Gatsby/ What did I get out of Gatsby?

Exam Prep

    Section 1A is continuing Regents Prep. Sections 1B-4 will be using the last two to three lessons for Regents Review.

Research Paper (1b-3,X)

    Students will use an I-Search writing project to examine and build a formal draft of a research paper. Students who complete a final copy of the research paper will  receive a replacement grade or extra credit for their submitted work.

Step 1 * Identify Topic
Step 2 * Research Topic
Step 3 * Outline/Draft
Step 4 * Revised into Final Paper

Selected Texts

Great Gatsby


Exam Review   
    26,27 on Exit Comp

Students will add 1-5 items to their portfolio        

Great Gatsby

Research Building