February 4-14 Lessons

Multi-Cultural Study

    Preread Choice 1 of 5
    Selling it
    Read second choice
    ELA Essay Help Sheet
    Poetry and Lyrics

Regents Review   

    One on One REDS report review
    Questions 26& 27 from January 2014
    Overall Student Survey and Review

US History Links

    Ethnic Terms
    Immigration Ladder
    Ethnic Discrimination

Great Gatsby
    Comparing Versions
    Symbols and Motiffs
    What makes a great novel
    Jazz Age

Segment 1 Regents Review

    Post Scores
    While students retake 131 26,27 do One on One to review areas of concern         continue during lessons 1-6 or advisory till done
        Split with Rob on Passages and Questions

Segment 2 The Great Seal
    Symbolism on the original great seal
    Direct conversation to the six icons on the shield
    Segue to Vocabulary

Segment 3 Ethnic Vocabulary
    Review concept, Group Assign to use with dictionaries for 7
    Direct Conversation to Racism
    Review Words
    Lead to 1st Reflection

Segment 4 Reflection #1 * Describing either an Ethnocentrism or Bigoted experience
    Class appropriate
    Shared  in Groups

Segment 5 Reflection #2 * Freewrite on Winter Reading
    group share
    regroup students by book 1
    fill out Selling it Sheet(s) with Key Ideas/Concepts
    Random/Select person to describe and "sell students" on their book
    Students select next book from the original five and with 2nd
    books to be completed by end of President's Week Recess
    Advanced students may opt to read one to two extra novels 
    Nonproficient Students might rely on Fences but should be encouraged to         use on of the selected texts

Segment 6 Sociological Reading (enrichment/non-fiction)
    Students will read and group investigate two college level passages that            infer the Ethnic Vocabulary. 
    Suggested Roles: Vocabulary Developer, Vocabulary Researcher, Question     Designer

AP * Gatsby Lesson 1-5
    Sparknotes Review
    Class comparison between trailers for the Luhrman and Redford versions
    Continuous listing of metaphor, symbols and literary terms connected to     the novel
    Intro to Jazz Age (shorts, music, art and history)
    Free Write/ Reflections / Process Writing
    2 minute Group Presentations

    Students will examine their portfolio, fill out a reflections sheet and save best     six submissions from Marking Periods 1,2

Calendar of Lessons by section

Selected Texts

Bodega Dreams

How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accent

Women of Brewster Place

Miguel Street

Interpreter of Maladies

Woman Warrior

Section 2 3 4 X
 Lesson 1 x xxx
 Lesson 2 x x x
 Lesson 3 x x  xx
 Lesson 4     
 Lesson 5     
 Lesson 6*     
 The Great Seal xxxx
AP Vocabulary nana    nanax
 Ethnic Vocabulary xxx
Regents Review x
Controlling Idea 2 x

Reflection 1 xxxxx
Reflection 2xxx

Selling Itxxx

Sociology Readingxxx