March 24-April 4

Note: Despite two lessons missed by the primary teacher (M,T) classes have progressed nicely in composition and essay writing. However the Exit Comp will suffer from being moved back one week in order to add the composition/rewrite  lessons. Selling 2 only worked well in the AP and section 3. Was dropped in sections 1,2 due to lack of computers (missing cart D key 3/10-14). The composition value were increased Sections 1/4 were affected by Bill's absence on 3/20 but both sections stayed close to the tracks set out for them. Section 3 advanced to next week, but will make up Q26.
Section 2 3 4 X
 Lesson 1 xxxxx
 Lesson 2 xxxxx
 Lesson 3  

 Lesson 4 

 Lesson 5 

 Lesson 6


AP Vocabularyna     na   na   na   
AP Synthesis 
nana  na na3/4
SAT/ Shakespeare

Regents Review donedonedone
Face to Face 

Controlling Idea 2 done1/2xx
 Exit Examx1/2x1/2x
Point/ Counter Point.     done
 Selling It 2ND x ND x

Immigration Reading / AP Language Readingxxxnana
 Portfolio add    
 Hamlet 2xxxxna
 Hamlet 3x
 Hamlet 4 

Lear 3nanana na x
Lear 4na na na na x
Lear 5


Exit Comp (s)
Vocabulary Quizzes
Double Entry Journals
Freytaging it
Teacher Observation


King Lear / Hamlet 3, 4, 5
High gear lessons exploring the different literary devices - in particular the soliloquy and the use of supporting characters. Discussion on sub-plots and plot twists and student complied vocabulary.                       


3 - Students will be watching HIi-ii,v Review the exposition and primary complications. Generate Vocabulary lists and relationship chart. Hamlet meets the Ghost (v). Have fun with Polonius. (extension to v)

4 -  To be or not to be I. Hamlet meets his father. Explore the religious aspects, Beginnings of Play within the paly.Feigning Madness and more fun with Polonius. Why is Hamlet supposedly in love with Ophelia? Play with-in the play set-up. Essay review / Second half of Exit comp.

5. -  To be or Not to be II. Diagramming Act III the steps leading to it. Is this the crisis - if not where ? Portfolio and essay review


3 - Student group questions about Act II. Review Freytag's Pyramid. Watch sections for the complication examples. Review Double Entry Journals. Expand on them to extend key line analysis.

4,5 - These lessons will give way to the Synthesis Essay and essay review lessons. Dare I use the word portfolio? Students will identify a subplot and locate text examples. They will practice direct and indirect citations. Parent/Teachers day interferes and Tuesday will have to create an extended assignment. 

Multicultural Unit Some sections are still completing their exit Competence Exams 

Exit Comp Student will have choice between Multiple Choice questions on two of the novels or a critical    lens essay using both novels. Both exams will include a controlling idea segment patterned on old English Regents. AP students will have similar comparative essay using point and counter point. Final Form: All students will take Q26 separate from Multiple Choice or Q28. This will expand the time by 25 minutes. 

Where Hamlet comes from Reading / Education in the Renaissance (enrichment/non-fiction) Students will read and group investigate Suggested Roles: Vocabulary Developer, Vocabulary Researcher, Question  Designer.

Synthesis Essay Part I * Collecting and evaluation sources.

Portfolio for Sections 1-4

Parent Teacher Day / Night

Next Units
    American Poetry II (Mid to Late April)
    Great Gatsby (either May or June)
    Regents Review (Late May)

Selected Texts


King Lear


Multi-Cultural Study
    Exit Comp

Exam Review   
    Face to Face
    Questions 26 & 28 on Exit Comp

    Point/Counter Point - Citing Sources

    Argumentative Essay Review
    Synthesis Essay

US/Global History Links

    Where does Hamlet come from?    
    Geography of Elsinore (Helsingor)
    Education in the Renaissance
    Parts of a castle
    Add rewrite of at least one reflection
    AP * also add sample journal from Frome