May 19th - May 30th

After the writing intense units for Hamlet and AP Exam prep, the pace of the course changes with 3-6 oral and research lessons. Sections 1-3 & AP will present 2 set of poems in group and use the results to build a controlling element essay. Section 4 will research and present both a poetry set and start Great Gatsby with a front loading presentation using the skills developed in the Poetry Unit. The AP students will segue into a reward unit. All units will have means of making up credits and assignments.
Section 2 3 4 AP
 Lesson 1 xxxxx
 Lesson 2xxx
 Lesson 3         

 Lesson 4NANA

 Lesson 5

 Lesson 6    

 Presentation I x x x
 Presentation II x x x 
 Essay x    
Gatsby / Forum I    
Gatsby / Forum II     
Gatsby / Forum III     
Reg Prep Listening

Reg Prep Comprehension/CC

Reg Prep 26,27     
 Reg Prep 28     
Regents Prep/ MOSL Review


Exit Comp Essays
Teacher Observation Poetry
Presentations I & II

Next Units

American Poetry
1. Transition from AP Exam to A.Poetry
        Context, Meaning, Form
2. Packet Lesson * Each Group researches two to three poems from packet for context, form and meaning
3. Selected Poems are organized into 3 minute presentations
4. Project II repeats same *
5. Exit Essay on controlling Idea *

Section 4 Alternatives Sequence
1. Presentation 2 = Front load to Great Gatsby
2. Students will begin Gatsby Sequence 2-3 lessons in advance of sections 1-3.
AP Alternate Sequence
1. Presentation 1 & 2 Condensed into 3 lessons but will finish exit essay at same time
2. Students will either be study Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum or Alternate

1. Students will begin to explore the novel's setting and characters. HW Assignmnet make a list of characters and their relationships from chapter 1.

2. Symbolism in Gatsby. Name Game, Water, Lights, Eggs, T.J. Eckleburg, 

Exam Prep
1. Exam Prep: Vocab, Listening Skills, Elements, Controlling Idea in Essay
2. Unique lesson on Questions 28 and CC Exam

Selected Texts

American Poetry Sampler
Great Gatsby


American Poetry
    Project II and Exit Essay

Exam Review   
    26,27 on Exit Comp

Students will add 1-5 items to their portfolio        

Great Gatsby

Presentation Sequence

1. 10-15 Minutes Prep for Presentation
2. 25-30 Minuites Presenting
3. 20-30 Computer Research on the next project/essay