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Spring 2015 Scope and Sequences

In the Spring, English 11 turns to a deeper understanding in both  literature and writing skills. Most students will have fulfilled their NYS Regents requirement. The emphasis is now on College Prep, AP Language and Composition and SAT Vocabulary Building. There are two long units Hamlet/Lear and Gatsby. They 
Genre Units

American Shorts

American Poetry II

Death of a Salesman

Great Gatsby


Multicultural Project

Music of America

Non-Fiction Studies

Sex & Education 

World Poetry

Skills Units

Document Study
(Book Reviews, Cartoons, Maps, News, Topical Research)

Genre Studies
(Biography,Drama, Poetry, Magazine, Novel, Short Stories, Non-Fiction)

Regents Prep
(common core & comprehensive)

Research Skills
(Bibliography, Library Skills, Note-Taking, Paper Format, Shared Documents, Web Searching)

Vocabulary Study
(AP, Content, Genre, ELA, SAT) 

College Essay
(Writers to Teachers Guided Lessons)

Master Units

Adaptive Services
(AP, Counselling, ELL, ICT, Resource Room, SETSS, Speech)

American Literature
(Jazz Age, Multicultural, Poetry, Shorts) 

AP English Prep
(Essay, Reading Comp, Extended Strategy/Tech Vocabulary)

Research Writing
(Bibliography, I-Search, Note-Taking, Sources)

ELA Comprehensive Regents Prep
(Review Controlling Idea, Critical Lens, Literary Elements)

ELA Common Core Regents Prep
(Argument, Non-Fiction, Point/Counter-Point Rhetoric)

Elizabethan Studies
(Sonnets, Hamlet/Lear)

(City Mandated Sexual Education Lessons)

SAT Prep
(Testing Strategies, Vocabulary)

US History
(Context, Current Events, DBQ, Political Cartoons, Maps)

World History
(Context, Current Events, DBQ, Political Cartoons, Maps)