Spring 2015 Assignments

All Sections (1-4,X/AP) 
* Dates are approximate and vary by section 
* Some assignments are completed in class 

        see also Scope and Sequence
Exams and Events

Week of February 4th

Students are to participate in Face to Face to review Regents Outcomes, Semester Grades and to plan for June 2015 exams.

Week of February 9th

Peer Presentations on Stories and Multicultural Books

Week of February 23th

Exam on Reading Comprehension &Short Story Elements


Weeks of February 4 & 9th

Students are selecting and reading a series of staff/peer selected short stories. Each student is expected to read around 10 stories and be expert on six.

Students should continue/complete their Multicultural Reading

Written Work

Weeks of February 4 & 9th

Students are filling out a set of exploration sheets as part of the short story unit. Students are to portfolio at least six sheets by mid-week.

By end of unit students need to compose a bibliography of all short stories read.
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