Weeks of Jan 19 & Jan 25

Please find here the lesson segments for English 11 Classes. This a draft quality document and is designed for active use by the co-teachers and students. Note: This is the first unit with major schedule shifting between ICT, AP and General Ed. Note: Planning Meeting is usually on third period Tuesdays with a review and brief plan 4th period Friday. Challenging week as we experiment with Station and Parallel Teaching in addition to being an end of term and pre-Regents week.
Calendar of Lessons by section

Section 2 6 7 X (AP)
Segment 1xxxxna
Segment 2x1/201/191/19na
Segment 3xx
Segment 4 1/221/25 1/25 1/25 na 
Pull-Out xxnanana
Segment 7

Segment 9

Face to Facenana
AP Exam Inronanananax Day 2
 Part Ix   na
 Part IIxx1/2  na
 Part IIIxx



Test Taking Strategies
    Multiple Choice
    Finding Literary Elements

Notebook  /  Portfolio
    Gatsby Exit Comp
     Regents Part I, II, III
Research Skills
   Referencing/Citing (Part II)
   Non-Fiction References
    AP Part II Synthesis Essay

Literary Elements
    Part III Review
    AP Part II * Rhetoric Essay
AP Enrichment
    Introduction to AP Exam and Types

1. Sample Part 1
2. Sample Part II
3. Sample Part II
4. AP Notebook New Unit Page 
10. Teacher Observation


1. Webpage
2. Poster Notes
3. Exam Copies
4. Smart Boards


Other Materials

Adaptations (waiting for input/Order)

  Station Teaching for Segment 4
   Robert --> Characters
    Bill --> Setting
    Teressa --> Vocabulary

    Extended Time on Assignments
    One on One 
    Push in
    Multiple Dictionaries
    LEP interactions when needed
    After School Tutoring (Bill-Thursdays)
    E-Mail Access 
    (Teressa on 7 Day; Bill and Robert: School Days)   

    AP Class Alternate Lessons
    ICT Class Alternate Lessons

Arching Questions

How does a student succeed in standardized tests by good testing strategies, good behaviors and practicing?

Key Questions 
What value do these exams have for me?
What do I risk by not doing well?
Why is outling and planning important on the essays?
Time Management: Making the clock work for me.

Lesson Segments  

Basic Pattern Lesson
  General Info (Where, When, Who)
  Review Part and Value
  Discuss Time Frame
  Testing Technique(s)
  Sample Exam Section
  Review and Discuss
* Identify parts for Extra Review

Segment 1 * Part I
Segment 2 * Part II
Segment 3 * Part III
Segment 4 * Extra Review

ICT and ELL Pattern
    Days 1,2,5,6 Parallel (ELL Pullout)    
    Day 7 Parallel
    Day 8 Station

Segment 9 * Open Work with Face to Face
    Period 6/7 During Part II/Part III
    AP * End of Gatsby Open Work
    AP * 1/25 or After School

AP Exam Intro
    Reading about the test
    Timing on MC and 3 Essays
    Rhetorical Essay Q 2
    Building Literary Elements/Strats/Techniques
    Vocabulary (Rhetoric, Context, Advanced Elements)    
    Synthesis Essay (if time - else Feb)

Visual Resources

Multiple Choice PDF
AP Lang & Comp Part II Rhetoric Analysis
Yellow Pages
Literary Element Boarders

Web Clues

Literary Element Review Sheet
Tesing Vocabulary (Parts, Rubric, Outlne, Topic, Term)

Planning Board

Segment v Short Stories

Segment w Regents Review

Segment y Hamlet
    Front Loading
    Anticipation Guide ?

Segment z Portfolio Review
    Planning on the second reflection for first weeks in February

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