Oct 13 & Oct 19th

Calendar of Lessons by section

Section 2 6 7 X
Segment 1xxxxx
Segment 2xxxxx
Segment 3xx x xx
Segment 4xxx            xx
Segment 5   x1/2x1/21/2
Segment 6 

Segment 7  

Segment 8  

Segment 9



Fences Distribution     

Women of Brewster Place
   Character Webbing * Not done

Notebook II
   Modelling Page
   Extended Writing with rewrite

Research Skills

Literary Elements
    Plot, Characterization, Allegory, Imagery


AP Enrichment
   Parallel Reader x Not Done
   Summer Project Part III


1. Notebook "Cora Lee"
2. Rewrite of the same
3. Tough Topics * Notebook write and rewrite BPE (best possible English)
4. Exit Comp: Portfolio or Alternate


1. Map of the US & The World
2. "As I Grew Older" (SB)
4.  "As I grew older video"
5. Board Notes & Samples
6. Character Web

Bob Marley 
Chris Brown
Bob Hope

Other Materials
Penguin Lesson Plans
Spark Notes

    Extended Time on Assignments
    One on One 
    Push in
    Multiple Dictionaries
    LEP interactions when needed
    After School Tutoring (Bill-Thursdays)
    E-Mail Access 
    (Teressa on 7 Day; Bill and Robert: School Days)   

    Character Organizer  (x not done)
    Simplified Questions
    AP Class Alternate Lessons
    ICT Class Alternate Lessons

Arching Questions
How does Gloria Naylor unify this episodic novel?
What is the author saying about the morals and values of the characters?
Which techniques does Naylor use to connect the the chapters? 
How does she use characterization to create sympathy and anxiety?

Lesson Segments

Segment 1 * Tough Topics from the "Two"

AP, 1, 6,7
Abortion - x

Same-Sex Marriage - x

Sexual Abuse - x

All Men are Created Equal - x

Homophobia -  x

Good Men can do bad things - x

Welfare Moms - x

“Self” Defense -

Violence against Women -

Parental Abandonment - x

My life is my fault -

Being a parent makes me right - x

* Alt for Period 2

Tough Topics

Voilence, Homophobia, Sex Crimes, Self Defense

Find Evidence - write and describe in 1 paragraph

Opinion - your opinion in 2 paragraph 

1. Choose Topic / Alt- Pick 4
2. Find evidence (Period 2 - directed)
3. Write both paragraphs in notebook - rewrite for HW on loose-leaf (Note: Period 1 Class will do rewrite in class.

Segment 2 * "As I Grew Older" by Langston Hughes

Watch video (video1 -  video 2*) * Discuss Imagery * Draw on whiteboards * Fill out Poetry Sheets * Summative Assessment: Compare "Dream Defered" to "As I grew Older" or "Dawn" to "Dusk" or combination of the same.

Segment  3 * Open Read on "Block Party"
    Simple read with guided questions:

Segment 4 * Dusk
    Guided Questions
    Group / Open Discussion

Segment 5 * Portfolio or Alternate Exit Comp
Students will select 4 items from portfolio and use a graphic organizer to develop their self assessment argument. Ideally to be publically presented - but logistics might not make possible.

Alternative to be an exam with some writing
rmb: Special Desks Rearrange for PSAT & Period 2

Questions For Thought


1. Why is this chapter not called Lorraine and Theresa?

2. Are the rumors justified? Why does Lorraine say that she can’t afford to have people talking about her? Why are Tee’s reactions so different from Lorraine’s?

3. How do Ben and Lorraine find comfort in each other? What do they have in common?

4. Why do C.C. Baker and his companions gang-rape Lorraine? In addition to the physical damage, what does this act do to Lorraine?


1. Of what significance is the weather in this chapter? How has weather been significant throughout the novel?

2. The block party is just about to begin as the chapter ends. But before that, a block party takes place in Mattie’s dream.

In what way is her dream a forecast of what is to come in the real block party?

3. What is the significance of Ciel’s dream within Mattie’s dream? Will Ciel show up at the real block party?

4. In Mattie’s dream, how does Theresa become a part of the neighborhood? What has happened to the wall?

Segment x Name Game & Character Web

    Groups of 4 with 8 Character Sheets on Wall and         handouts.
        In Group Students students select  ,,,

Segment y Bio Project 
Students in group research and present on one of the following topics: Great Ladies of Jazz, Members of the Harlem Renaissance or 20th Century Civil Rights Leaders.

Segment  6 "Fences" - Anticipation Guide
Segment 7 "Fences" - Front Load 
Segement 8 "Fences" - Reading Log

Segment c "Fences" - Non-fiction Topics
Segment m "Fences" - Monologue

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