Weeks of Oct 26 - Nov 2

Please find here the lesson segments for English 11 Classes. This a draft quality document and is designed for active use by the co-teachers and students.
Calendar of Lessons by section

Section 2 6 7 X (AP)
Segment 1 xxXxx
Segment 2 xxx  xx
Segment 3 x x  xxx
Segment 4 xnax  nax
Segment 5 x xxx11/5
Segment 6xxx

Segment 7  x11/611/6na11/6
Segment 8 x xxxx
Segment 911/511/511/511/611/9
 Packer Learningnanaxxx

Fences Distribution X x X X x

   Character Webbing 

Notebook II
   Modelling Page
   Extended Writing with rewrite

Research Skills

Literary Elements
Plot, Characterization*, Allegory, Imagery, Repetition, Metaphor, Symbolism, Foreshadowing


AP Enrichment
   Parallel Reader x Redux
   Summer Project Part III continues
   Detailed Name Game



1. Notebook: Notes and Freewrites (if time revision)
2. Rewite of Prediction or Observation of Fences materials
3. Peer to Peer Sheet
4. Teacher Observation of Anticipation Guide, Dialogue Reads
5. Packet Learning Collection (6,7,X) / Questions S1/S2 (1,2)
6. Quiz
8. 3 Strikes Organizer
7. Exit Comp


1. Map of the US & The World
2. Word Wall: : 
4.  "Sins of Out Fathers" verse
5. Board Notes & Samples
6. Character Web
7. Denzel Washington Clips.
8. Soul of the Game Clip
9. Web Clues
10. Organizer
11. Quiz

Bob Marley 
Chris Brown
Bob Hope
Great Ladies of Jazz
Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Other Materials
Spark Notes
Packet (Anticipation Guide, NY Times Article, Reading Schedules, Questions)

    Extended Time on Assignments
    One on One 
    Push in
    Multiple Dictionaries
    LEP interactions when needed
    After School Tutoring (Bill-Thursdays)
    E-Mail Access 
    (Teressa on 7 Day; Bill and Robert: School Days)   

    Character Organizer  (x not done)
    Simplified Questions
    AP Class Alternate Lessons
    ICT Class Alternate Lessons

Arching Questions

Why read Fences? How does the theme of sins of our fathers resonate in three generations of Troy's family? Are preconceptionss and observations of materials valid in evaluating a work of literature? Why are we reading Fences? What connection can we make to WOBP ? How does revision, editing and "polishing" raise our expectation and grades? How does August Wilson use the metaphor/analogy of the fences?

Lesson Segments  
Due to Bill's Jury Duty - Some classes may be given a packet for guided reading as an alternate means of instruction.

Segment 1 * Portfolio or Alternate Exit Comp
Students will select 4 items from portfolio and use a graphic organizer to develop their self assessment argument. Ideally to be publically presented - but logistics might not make possible.

Alternative to be an exam with some writing
Segment 2 * Anticipation Guide
When the sins of our fathers visit us
We do not have to play host.
We can banish them with forgiveness
As God, in his / His Largeness and Laws.

Students read and answer the anticipation Guide Sheet
Class Division (similar to Philosophical Chairs)
Predicition Write to follow

Segment 3 * Book Explorer
Students will review the structure of their book
Reintroduce August Wilson's Bio (print out?)

Segment 4 * Predictive Freewrite
At the end of the anticipation Guide students will freewrite in notebook their predictions for the play.Use prompts from In today's class ... Finish with a Turn and Talk

Segment 5 * Observation Freewrite
At the end of the Video Observation BAM Denzel Clips students will freewrite in their notebooks "What they saw and felt about the video clip"

Segment 6 * Read-Aloud / Silent Read 
Two repetitive segments designed to enhance and encourage student reading. A - Read Dialogue Aloud and Finish with Silent Read.B - Read Silent and then continue to Read Aloud (potenitially in groups)

Segment 7 * Peer to Peer Editing 1
Student will use a peer to peer editing form to revise their freewrite papers from Segments 4 & 5. Rewrite to commence in class in notebook and be completed on loose-leaf in best possible English for the next class.

Segment 8 * Setting Up a Reading Schedule
Due to Jury Duty Reading Schedules were assigned.

Segment 9 * Three Strikes
    Finding baseball references in Fences
    Watch Soul of the Game
    Have students search for Baseball Clues in Act I 
    Discuss 3 strikes you out.
    Students assigned in pairs/trios 
    -->     Find Strike 1, Strike 2, Strike 3 (finish Fri)

Quote with Ellipse, Describe what's happening. Rewrite for HW on loose-leaf

Strike 1 * p 58 I iv
Strike 2 * p 72 Act II ii
Strike 3 * p 84-89 Act II iv

*Week of 11/9" 
Segment 1 * Blue * Sins of the Father II
Segment 2 / 3 * Monologue 
Segment 4 * MOSL
Segment 5 * Exit Comp

Web Clues

Take me out to the Ballgame

Name Game
Segment x Name Game & Character Web

Segment y Bio Project 
Students in group research and present on one of the following topics: Great Ladies of Jazz, Members of the Harlem Renaissance or 20th Century Civil Rights Leaders.

Segment z Non-fiction Topics
    Negro Leagues
    Early Football
    Great Ladies of Jazz

Segment u  - Segment w "Fences" - Monologue 
see Martin (likely in Week of Nov 9)

New Techniques & Strats

Parallel Reader
    Advanced Student will begin a journal on a parallel reader loosely connected to the themes in the class. Somebooks maybe school provided other are up to the students. Both Fiction and Non-Fiction choices are acceptable, but AP Lit List Prefered.

    Huckleberry Finn
    Malcolm X
    Uncle Tom's Cabin
    King Solomon's Mines

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