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Scope and Sequence 2016-2017

Theme: "To be or not to be" - choices and connections in our world, our lives and ourselves.

  • Inclusion of all students, teachers and staff in an interactive and collaborative environment
  • Engagement of all students by investigating  multimedia materials from classic and current works of literature with an increase in non-fiction materials
  • Improvement in attendance and on-time performance for all students but with a focus on at-risk individuals 
  • 100% of Attending Students to meet their individual goals in passing the English Regents, SAT and other Exams.
  • 100% of Attending Students to pass both semesters with a grade of 70 or above
  • Increase the amount and rigor of non-fiction texts connected to primary units
  • Reorganize the concepts of the Fall to gear with the ELA Common Core Regents (ELA Regents)
Genre Units

Fall 2016

Developing Writing Styles
Title 1/ PCEN Pre and Post Test Unit using portfolio 

Glass Castles (Memoir)
from Teressa & Robert 

Fences (Modern Drama)

Woman of Brewster Place (Novela)

Non-Fiction Studies
(For use in all Genre Units)

Gatsby (Novel)

Multicultural Project I
(Winter Break & Regents Week)

Regents Prep (10-12 Days)

Ethan Frome (Novel)

Hamlet (Classic Drama)

Multicultural Project II 
(Mid-Winter and Spring Break)

The Crucible (Historical Drama)

American & World Shorts

Personal Essay
from Writers to Teachers 2014-2015

American & World Poetry
(June - Note: Some attached to other units)

Regents Prep 
(June 6-8 days if needed)

Skills Units

(Authors, Public Figures and Historical Personages connected to the Genre Units)

College Essay (Personal Essay)
(Writers to Teachers Guided Lessons)

Computer Skills
(use of Google Docs as portfolio and item storage)

Creative Writing
(inception unit component on shorts and poems)

Document Study
(Book Reviews, Cartoons, Maps, News, Topical Research)

(Comparative and contiguous studies from 10th Grade (August Wilson/Shakespeare) with the addition Arthur Miller)

Essay Writing
(Argument, Synthesis, Rhetorical, Comparative)

Exam Prep
(common core, SAT)

Genre Studies
(Biography,Drama, Poetry, Magazine, Novel, Short Stories, Non-Fiction)

Note Taking
(Quality and quantity of Notes, Organization Skills and Portfolio Work)

Research Skills
(Bibliography, Library Skills, Note-Taking, Paper Format, Shared Documents, Web Searching)

Vocabulary Study
(AP, Content, Genre, ELA Regents, SAT) 

Proposed New Units

    Bodega Dreams

    Catcher in the Rye

    Latin American Short Stories
    (To be infused in American Shorts)

    Testing Prep: 
    Adding the AP Rhetoric, Argument and Synthesis Free                 Response Questions as a reach tool 

    To Kill a Mocking Bird / 12 Angry Men

Master Units

Adaptive Services
(AP, Counselling, ELL, ICT, Resource Room, SETSS, Speech)

American Literature
(Jazz Age, Multicultural, Poetry, Shorts) 

Regents Prep
(common core)

Research Writing
(Bibliography, I-Search, Note-Taking, Sources)

ELA Common Core Regents Prep
(Argument, Non-Fiction, Point/Counter-Point Rhetoric)

Elizabethan Studies
(Sonnets, Hamlet/Lear)

(City Mandated Sexual Education Lessons)

SAT Prep
(Testing Strategies, Vocabulary)

US History
(Context, Current Events, DBQ, Political Cartoons, Maps)

World History
(Context, Current Events, DBQ, Political Cartoons, Maps)

Scope and Sequence History 

Units Eliminated from SY2015-2016

    Research Writing

    American Poetry II

Units Eliminated from SY2014-2015

    1776 * To be replaced with enhanced document study with-in     Genre Units

    Good Night and Good Luck - Dropped from Gen-Ed

    Lear - AP

    Music of America 
    - Spread for connection to other Genre Units

    Sex & Education - dispersed into other subjects

Inception SY2013-2015

Scope and Sequence based on 1997 To Be or Not to Be Scope and Sequence developed by Helena Lewis and Bill Malin. The 2013 units were modified to fit the new AP Language and Composition Exam requirements and had as its newest genre unit Fences contributed by Rob Ponce. The American Poetry & Multiculural unit(s) were adapted from the World Poetry and Multiculutal units from the 2008 9th Grade Curriculum. 1776 and Good Night and Good Luck were developed from the Into the Woods unit from the old 10th Grade Core Intensive. and the Document Study Units were collated from a variety of sources materials.  

William Malin,
Jun 22, 2016, 6:43 AM
William Malin,
Jun 23, 2016, 1:51 PM