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No matter what your interests or abilities, there’s a place for you in Drama. Students read and discuss contemporary American plays, create original costume-design drawings and explore other aspects of technical theater, write superhero plays, act out group scenes, and collaborate to create a yearly festival where we present our work to a live audience.
Classic Film and Literature
Is a popular elective class offered to our students. We cover many genres and have enjoyed such classics as "The 400 Blows" by Francois Truffaut, American classics such as "A Raisin In The Sun", "The Graduate" and "The Godfather", films with a NYC focus such as "West Side Story", "A Bronx Tale" and "Do The Right Thing". During the current semester, we considered the French urban experience in "La Hain" and the similarities and differences to the American urban experience examined the conflict between the traditional and the modern in Iran, and learned of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Every student is encouraged to voice their opinions on films we view in our daily debrief and in written commentary too.
This project-based course in web development introduces students to the field of Computer Science and equips them with a foundational technical skillset. Topics covered in the course include HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript. Students apply their skills in creative coding projects at the end of each unit. In addition to coursework, students participate in field trips that spark an interest in tech careers.