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Welcome art students! This is an introductory course to the Visual Arts focusing on many types of mediums in the art world so you can develop imagination, express yourself, and use art as a form of communication. Education in the arts improves team-building skills, critical thinking skills, complex problem skills, writing, self-confidence, literacy, decision-making, school achievement, and preparation for the work world. This course supports intellectual and educational development along with personal and social development. It is a beginner art course. The overall goal of this course is to make you an innovative thinker.
  • Students will be able to construct meanings about the world through art-making; build upon experiences to express a personal vision; develop a global perspective and recognize the power of art to communicate beliefs and values.
  • Students will be able to discuss works of art, develop observational skills, use a visual arts vocabulary, read and write about art to reinforce literary skills, work collaboratively and reflect on the process of making art.
  • Students will be able to connect visual art to other disciplines and recognize the cultural and historical significance of art.
  • Students will be able to access primary resources in the community, the borough, and the city to extend their learning beyond the classroom.
  • Students will gain awareness of careers in the visual arts, recognize personal, social, and professional goals, learn to work independently and in teams, and gain an appreciation of art as a source of enjoyment and life-long learning.

Advanced Art
The mission of the RRGHST’s Advanced Art classes is to provide opportunities for students to create a wide variety of work while utilizing various materials and resources. Students will be introduced to relevant contemporary and historical artists and art styles and will learn to compare, analyze, evaluate and discuss their own work as well as the work of others. Students will develop the ability to adapt and apply learned skills to other areas of their lives and will recognize the important influence of the arts on our daily lives. Continuing education and career opportunities involving the arts will be addressed. This is for students who have successfully completed Studio Art 1.
The students will be able to:
  • develop creative problem solving and innovative thinking skills
  • develop and refine communication skills
  • discover an outlet for personal expression
  • increase technical skills and aesthetic awareness
  • learn to be risk-takers
  • experience new media and enhance skills in other media
  • be able to create original works using the elements and principles of design
  • be able to explain why they made their choices
  • learn to be advocates for themselves and the arts
  • develop knowledge and appreciation for history
Unique Experiences
  • Participate in NOTA exhibition of their work
  • Attend school and community functions related to the visual arts (school open house, Night of the Arts, student exhibitions)
  • Visit museums and regional art galleries.
  • Encourage creative, expressive work and opportunities for students in our school community
  • Maintaining a SKETCHBOOK