Principal's Message * October 13, 2018

Greetings Richard R Green HS Community,

Now that we have finally completed a few full weeks of school, routines are starting to set and activity at RRG is picking up speed. It is with great hope and determination that our collective hard work from last year continues and we exceed the achievements from 2017-2018. Just to name a few of those feats, our graduation rate rose to above 75% from 68%. We are now above the city average with our sights for this year to be above 80%. This is a realistic goal as our credit accumulation rate has improved for every class or cohort and is currently between 75% and 82% where last year we were barely at 70%.

Most importantly, our attendance rate for last year increased to an overall 91.2% up from 86%. RRG has not been in the 90's for many years. In addition, the number of students who have 90% attendance or better skyrocketed from 64.9% to 80.1%. We need to continue to emphasize the importance of daily attendance. Not only is it a funding factor but it is fundamental to academic growth and achievement. Our academic accomplishments of 2017-18 would not have been realized without this contributing factor. We will continue with our pairing program where students count on each other to strive for daily attendance. Students were promised a chance to go outside for lunch if we could raise the attendance to over 90%. We will reinstate this opportunity when the marking period ends in November for freshman, sophomores and juniors with 90% attendance (less than 2 days per month) and good academic and behavioral standing on Fridays. Seniors in good academic (on track for graduation) and behavioral standing and arrive on time (8:20 am) will be able to go outside for lunch beginning October 22. Permission slips will be sent home with all criteria listed.

As thrilled as we should be with our attendance, students arriving on time for school is an area of concern. We are in the early stages of the year when routines are being set. We acknowledge that subway travel times can be problematic, however, for some students late arrival has become their accepted norm. The adolescent years need to capture the opportunity to set excellent expectations and lifelong habits. Please help us encourage our children to establish a realistic morning routine where they arrive in their first period classroom seat by 8:20 am. Our doors open at 7 am. Students are welcome in the building at this time and often do homework or socialize with friends. We want to encourage more to be here early and look to expand offerings at this time.

Speaking of expanded offerings, we welcome a new community school director Brynne. She has started to introduce herself to our children during the lunch periods by doing informal interest surveys. Brynne arrives with a drama, dance and singing background that will serve to influence a range of after-school clubs. In addition to small group tutoring for every subject on Tuesdays, other activities include pep squad, fashion, chess, volleyball, drama, band, media and Dream Team. Officially, our after school activities will begin on October 22nd with the exception of Fashion Club. The Fashion Club will meet this Monday at 3 pm in the cafeteria. On Thursday October 18th, students will have the opportunity to attend the Activities Fair during their lunch period in the library. All groups will be represented and will be recruiting students to join them.

It is a busy time of year, especially for our seniors. Our critically important FAFSA night has just been scheduled for the evening of Thursday October 25th. NY Cares volunteers will be on hand from 4 pm to 8 pm to assist every student and parent complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Please save this date to sit with a volunteer with experience to help guide you through this process. Flyers with more information will be sent home with seniors.

Our seniors are not the only determined group with their sights on college success. We are in our third week of a highly attended College Passport Program. Students are working with teachers on Thursday afternoon for two hours on SAT prep while earning their seat on a bus to Howard University on November 19th. We are well over our goal in attendance for this program but still encourage others to join us. The program is open to all grade levels. It is never too early to improve vocabulary, math and strategy skills for this national exam. The focus and development of test taking strategies is a lifelong advantage we desire for all our children. We recently expanded to a third teacher and will continue as need demands.

October closes out with a Halloween event on Wednesday October 31st. Students will be hosting a haunted house after-school with a dance and snacks in the cafeteria. Students will be permitted to wear mask-free school appropriate costumes. The event begins directly at the end of the school day and will end before dark at 4:30pm. For safety reasons, once a student leaves the school premises on this day, they will not be able to re-enter the building nor will outside students be permitted to attend. This event is for RRG students only. We look forward to a safe, fun celebration for our children and encourage their attendance on this day.

Save the date for Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences on November 29th and 30th. However, contact us at any time if you have a question or concern prior to that event. Our parent coordinator is Lisa Morales and can be reached at 646-826-8174. We look forward to meeting as many as possible!

Educationally yours,

Joan Weaver

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Simply Green Newsletter

Issue 2 : "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. "--Helen Keller, Humanitarian

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High School Class Trips to the SUNY College Fair

October 2018 * Richard R. Green Seniors and Juniors who submitted permission slips are attending the SUNY College Fair Thursday Morning. Students need to report to 7 Beaver Street by 8:20 AM. We will travel together to the Javits Center and return to school in time for period 5 classes. Late students and students who do not have a valid permission slip report to the school Library during period 1-4 for Senior and Junior classes.

Join your classmates and take a closer look at The State University of New York. You'll discover all that SUNY has to offer, including academic programs, student life, honors programs, scholarships, financial aid and more.


Come to Join Project Lit

and Read ----->

before we go see

the movie in October.

-- Begins: Wednesday

October 10 at 2:45

in Room 214!!

** Limited number of books so first come first serve!

Simply Green Newsletter

Issue 1 : Motivation is a fire from within by Stephen Covey. Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly. - Stephen Covey . Author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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The Future Project @ RRG/HST

Happy October!

I know we are all off to a busy start of the school year and hardly have time to step in and check in with each other. There are so many incredible things already happening at our school and it is only October! I am always inspired when students tell me what they are excited about in your classrooms. I believe that being in community and communication can help inspire us all to do the work that we with our young people intentionally and powerfully.

I am hoping to highlight some of our bright spots through monthly highlight reels. I would like to expand these reels to include any highlights that you've had in your own classrooms, trips you've taken, one on one's with students that led to an inspiring or "AHA"moment, or anything at all that you are particularly proud of and would like to share with us! These can be through visual pictures, text, or just stop in and let me know!

My hope is that even if we do not get to stop in to each others classrooms often we can get inspired by each other's individual skills and talents as educators and people who care about young people.

For now, I've included a brief newsletter introducing the Future Project and what I do as a Dream Director in the school followed by an infographic highlight reel on some of what has happened in September with TFP.

Again, please do not hesitate to stop in the dream room, say hi, utilize the space and let me know how I can support you this year. I am open to communicate with you all via text 718-414-4057 or email whichever is more convenient for you. --

Elisabet Velasquez

The Future Project

636 Broadway | Suite 704 | New York, NY 10012 | @dreamdirectors


Next Monday, October 8th, school is closed ... Do you know why?

Some people commemorate it as the opening of the Western Hemisphere to European, African and Asian immigrants using the date, October 12, 1492 , that Columbus first landed in "The New World". However, the "New World" was already known and inhabited by large and diverse populations of people often collectively known as Native Americans. Since 1989 many states now celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day in addition to the Federal holiday honoring Columbus. The debate over wether we should or shouldn't celebrate Columbus/Indigenous peoples day depends largely on your geography and point of view. One way or the other students and staff are off. Wait -- you say that Monday is not the 12th? Well everybody like a three day weekend - just remember why. Which side are you most comfortable with?

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Here Are The Cities That Celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day Instead of Columbus Day"

Each year, more cities, states and universities opt to celebrate an alternative to Columbus Day: Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Instead of honoring Christopher Columbus, the Indigenous Peoples’ Day recognizes Native Americans, who were the first inhabitants of the land that later became the United States of America. Advocates for the switch to Indigenous Peoples Day argue that Columbus did not “discover” America in 1492 but instead began the colonization of it. For decades, Native American activists have advocated abolishing Columbus Day, which became a federal holiday in 1937.


Columbus Day is a U.S. holiday that commemorates the landing of Christopher Columbus in the Americas in 1492, and Columbus Day 2018 occurs on Monday, October 8. It was unofficially celebrated in a number of cities and states as early as the 18th century, but did not become a federal holiday until 1937. For many, the holiday is a way of both honoring Columbus’ achievements and celebrating Italian-American heritage. But throughout its history, Columbus Day and the man who inspired it have generated controversy, and many alternatives to the holiday have proposed since the 1970s.


A day in honor of Native Indigenous Americans. IndigenousPeoples' Day is a holiday that celebrates the Indigenouspeoples of America. ... Indigenous Peoples' Day is held on the second Monday of October, coinciding with the designated date for the federal observance of Columbus Day.

RRG Parent, Student, Faculty Potluck

September 26th 4:30 - 7:30 Parent Night

Come in to meet with your student's teachers -- but -- before you do --- Share a meal with us!

Please support the potluck with a meal of your own ... you can send it in with your student on Wednesday morning or bring it with that evening!

Sample food from the first ever Richard R. Green Cookbook and pick up your own copy to bring home!.

Our College Access All Partnership,

The College Passport Program meets on Thursdays beginning September 27th and continues through January 10th. Students will receive a passport that will be stamped each week they attend. Students will be able to earn a school sponsored trip to Howard University on Monday November 19th based on their attendance for this program. The program starts at: 245 and ends at 4:45 each Thursday. Students will be in grade appropriate levels and work collaboratively on SAT prep. SAT prep books will be provided. Parents need to complete a permission slip prior to student participation.